aran Ueberlingen

Sabine Bornberg

Muensterstraße 15-17

88662 Ueberlingen

Phone: +49-7551-9471284


Opening hours:


Mon - Sat 08:30am - 06:30pm

Sunday & Holidays closed


Launched: 18. Juli 2008


Floor Area: 160 sqm


Historical town hall vault

On Friday, Juli 18th 2008, our location in Ueberlingen at the Lake Constance was opened up.


The historical interiors and the wonderful terrace invite our guests to enjoy the entire aran assortments.


Ueberlingen provides perfect aran premises.

The well-established building in Muensterstrasse was both a market hall and a bakery in the Middle Ages. With its opening, aran revives the buildings history.